Classic Nut Roast

Don’t wait till Christmas to enjoy a classic nut roast.  Alex Connell, Principal Tutor at the Vegetarian Society Cookery School, shares his recipe.

What Lies Beneath

Laura Wilkinson, appearing at Chorlton Book Festival, talks to Deborah Grace about the inspiration for her disturbing new novel, Skin Deep.


Manchester has one of the world’s most vibrant live music scenes – but you need more than musicianship to break through. Ella Parkinson talks to Chorlton Band, Cosmic Shambles.

Solidarity of Labour

1986: the year of Chernobyl, US bombings in Libya and the election of Chorlton’s very first Labour councillor. Andrew Simpson was there

Go West!

Sick of Premiership clubs throwing their weight – and their wallets – around? West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC is the antidote. Football got fun again, says Club Secretary Rob McKay

Time to Play!

Since opening its first centre in 2005, Head Over Heels has become a Chorlton institution: it’s unlikely you’ll find anyone under 18 who hasn’t played or partied there!