Manchester has one of the world’s most vibrant live music scenes – but you need more than musicianship to break through. Ella Parkinson talks to Chorlton Band, Cosmic Shambles.

Solidarity of Labour

1986: the year of Chernobyl, US bombings in Libya and the election of Chorlton’s very first Labour councillor. Andrew Simpson was there

Go West!

Sick of Premiership clubs throwing their weight – and their wallets – around? West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC is the antidote. Football got fun again, says Club Secretary Rob McKay

Time to Play!

Since opening its first centre in 2005, Head Over Heels has become a Chorlton institution: it’s unlikely you’ll find anyone under 18 who hasn’t played or partied there!

A Clean Sheet

Historian Andrew Simpson goes for a stroll in Heaton Mersey, along the Didsbury Road of 1848, to see how the passage of time can erase the industrial blots on our landscape. Historian … Read More

Natural Beauty

Natural Skincare expert Wendy Teall (pictured above) talks to Open Up about the benefits of making your own beauty products using natural ingredients I love DIY – no, not that … Read More